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Offer to purchase

The first step to a contract for the sale of real estate is to make an offer to purchase. In what follows, we will try to unravel the mystery of the offer to purchase, in order to put buyers in a better position to start the process of choosing the optimal property.

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Costs of buying a real property

Costs of buying a real property are multidimensional. If you are primarily interested in the lawyer’s fee of buying a home, please click here to see the specific lawyer’s fees of our office for a real estate sales contract.

In this article, we briefly take into account the most important costs involved in buying a residential property. We have grouped the cost types according to

  • costs of buying an apartment
  • costs of buying a house
  • costs of buying a plot of land

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Real estate sales contract in Hungary

It is not possible to describe a real estate sales contract in a 1500-word article, but even to list the most important headings related to it would be a hopeless attempt. In this article we will do no more than highlight some of the topics of general interest in the field of contracts for the sale of immovable property.

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Earnest money in Hungary (real estate sales contract)

The earnest money is a well-known piece of legal pop culture, and its most basic features have become part of lay legal knowledge with regard to property sale and purchase contract. It can be seen as a voluntary sanction for breach of contract.

earnest money

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Real estate lawyer in Hungary – how to buy real property?

In the following, we will take a look at the aspects that are worth keeping in mind when foreigners come to Hungary from abroad to acquire real estate. A reliable real estate lawyer is the key element of the process. What might be obvious to us here in Hungary, may need some explanation to a native of a foreign country. The following points have been compiled in this spirit.

real estate lawyer

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