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Welcome to the website of Bacskó Law Office. I am László Bacskó, lawyer, founder of Bacskó Law Office. Instead of the usual introduction, I would like to mention two points of relevance.

With almost two decades of professional experience, I am committed to the idea of morally responsible legal representation. First and foremost, I would like to inform you of the potential threats of each transaction or legal dispute. We will only represent your case if we are satisfied that your decision is not based on purely emotional considerations, and that you want us to represent you in full awareness of these negative eventualities.

I also believe that establishing good bargaining positions is just as important as the legal aspect in a dispute. Effective negotiating strategy and persuasive personality can also be decisive. Many people remark that may I have an air of a lawyer, but the reality is just the opposite, and I chose the legal profession because it can make the most of my personality in this profession.

Our services
Our law firm aims to serve the clients that need more specialized services that small law firms providing classic legal services can offer but are not willing to pay the fees charged by international law firms. Therefore, our clients are small and medium sized enterprises, where daily problems can be solved by a single attorney but complex transactions and legal problems can be solved by a team of two or three professionals of the relevant field. We can ensure that cases requiring specialised expertise are always handled by a colleague with the right skills, so that our legal services can meet highly differentiated professional needs. Thanks to our case management supported by modern IT solutions, our legal fees are modest, if not particularly low, for the quality of service provided.

Our law firm represents clients in Hungarian language, as well as in English.